Svenska Kocken – Pilot Documentary

In April 2017 we at Tellafoto found an interesting subject for our very first pilot documentary production. We went to the small town of Rättvik in northern Sweden to interview Lars Åke Bäckman, a man widely believed to be the inspiration for The Swedish Chef character in The Muppets Show. In this twenty minute pilot … Continue reading Svenska Kocken – Pilot Documentary

Tellafoto 2017 Wrap Up Video Check out what Tellafoto got up to in 2017! Special thanks to all those that made it possible! Links: TellaFoto: Annie Wallin Animation: Attlevasindrom: GaloloSkatebroards: StrangeBrew Beer: Klättra För Livet: Camo Sverige: NutriFarm: Message on a Bottle: Andreas Antonopoulos: BitNation: BitRefill: BTCX: … Continue reading Tellafoto 2017 Wrap Up Video